Find the right help with your mandatory NIS2 compliance

Protect your business from the latest cyber-attacks

Find the right help with your mandatory NIS2 compliance

At the end of 2022, the EU introduced the new version of the Network and Information Systems Security (NIS2) directive. By the end of October 2024, Belgium will have transposed it into national law, making it mandatory for companies to implement a higher level of cybersecurity to protect themselves and their customers from cyber-attacks. From November 2024, authorities will monitor your compliance with the NIS2 regulations. Give yourself peace of mind and trust an expert to get you in line with NIS2 legislation.

Better-tuned security in a changing world

The purpose of the NIS2 regulations is two-fold: creating awareness about cyber-attack dangers and introducing necessary measures among enterprises in “key” or “important” business sectors. The company’s size helps determine the introduction among companies and the sanctioning in case of non-compliance.

Does your business need to comply with NIS2 regulations?

Consult CCB’s official list of sectors to check whether your company is subject to the NIS2 legislation. And which measures you may be obliged to implement. Be aware that your company might not be subject to the NIS2 legislation directly but indirectly as a 3rd party provider if you supply solutions to NIS2-relevant companies.

Bow Tie Security helps you comply

As Bow Tie Security unburdens you regarding every aspect of cybersecurity, we developed several services to help you with the new NIS2 regulations. Think of it as a three-stage rocket of which you can also deploy each part separately. This way, you choose what is specific to your business, which means you only pay for what is relevant.

NIS2 Compliance

During an intake meeting
with your Bow Tie Security
account manager and one
of our subject matter
experts, we will determine
the correct state of affairs.
In addition, we will discuss
your current status
regarding cybersecurity
measures and how they can
already fit into your NIS2
compliance Roadmap.

NIS2 Compliance

A detailed assessment gives
you insight into your
current measures based on
the framework provided by
the Cybersecurity Centre
for Belgium (CCB). Our
interviews with people from
your various business
disciplines result in a
‘baseline measurement’,
discussed in a detailed

NIS2 Compliance

Once the ‘baseline
measurement’ is done, Bow
Tie Security can guide you
towards NIS2 compliance.
We develop a prioritized
roadmap and perform the
necessary interventions for
your company’s NIS2
compliance. With our endto-
end approach, we
unburden you towards
future-proof cybersecurity.

Let’s create a secure cyber future together

Want to make focused work of your cybersecurity? Get in touch now. Then we will
discuss together how to secure your business efficiently.