Awareness & prevention

Better safe than sorry. Together we evaluate your as-is and develop a strategy that perfectly suits your needs.

Security strategy & policy

You didn’t become an entrepreneur or specialist in your area of expertise to have to focus on cyber criminals who want to steal your data. Data that is of crucial importance to yourself, but equally so to competitors and criminals.

Needless to say, bullet-proof digital security is essential for your company. But how do you get started? Where does your journey for a safe digital environment start?

Bow Tie Security is your partner in cyber security that makes your employees aware of any digital threat, trains them to cope with it and offers you end-to-end solutions to fully secure your business. By fully supporting you in terms of cyber security, we allow you to focus entirely on what really matters: building your business.

Security programs & roadmaps

It’s essential to plan pre-emptively and to take action proactively. A focused strategy and clear approach are decisive in this matter.

We help you with every aspect of a conclusive roadmap to guarantee your digital safety, a part of which is creating awareness around the possible digital threats your business might face. By means of training, workshops and awareness sessions we help your organisation to fully protect itself.

Training & certifications

Your users often aren’t fully aware of the kind of digital threat they might face. Whether it’s phishing, spear phishing, whaling, … not every employee has the same amount of knowledge on this subject.

That’s why we educate your people, besides providing your company with the right certifications in order to meet the necessary requirements on cyber security, such as GDPR or the brand new NIS2 Directive 2 for instance.

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