Always on
to secure your business

By fully supporting you in terms of cyber security, we allow you to focus entirely on what really matters: building your business.

Awareness & prevention

“Needless to say, waterproof digital security is essential for your company. But how do you get started? Where does your journey for a safe digital environment start?”

Better safe than sorry. Together we evaluate your as-is and develop a strategy that perfectly suits your needs.

This flow is based upon three important core principles: Strategy and policy, in which we prepare and take hold of your cyber security.

Security programs & roadmaps who prime your team for whatever digital threat you might face by outlining a clever roadmap.

And training & certification, in which we test your current security level and expand possible gaps.

Change & implementation

“Thanks to a wide range of competence units we subsequently make sure we configure your digital safety, which we maintain closely with an always-on mentality.”

A plan without implementation is useless. That’s why our experts implement, configure and govern best-in-class security solutions.

In doing so, we work with multiple vendors and technologies to offer you a complete and customized approach.

Monitoring & operations

“This team is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support your own digital security team or to constantly monitor your cyber security.”

We’re always on to protect you. Besides that we solve any security related problems with minimal impact on your business.

We constantly monitor and adjust your digital resilience. We’re able to do this by means of our own security Operations Center and an Incident Respons Team to guarantee optimal safety. Every day, every hour.

Who are we

Bow Tie Security is the cyber security competence center of
De Cronos Groep

  • End-to-end cyber security
  • Multi-vendor & multi-disciplinary
  • +100 analysts and experts
  • +300 happy customers and +20 million euro revenue

We’re always on to secure your business.

Bow Tie Security guarantees your digital safety by means of three teams, each with their very own expertise. They are ready, day and night, to fully support you.

Red team

These are our attackers. Think of ethical hackers who try to  breach your security. They test whether our defense team has done its job properly.

Blue team

The Blue team is your defense line. They manage the day-to-day security of your company by exposing vulnerabilities and immediately making suggestions on how to solve them. Next they monitor the effectiveness of these solutions.

Purple team

Our Purple team is neither attack, nor defense. They ceasefire in order to join forces and exchange practices and intelligence. Besides that, they also perform as a referee to track and optimize the interactions between the Red and Blue teams.

What about your team?

In need of specific knowledge within a certain domain? Or do you want your cyber security to be flawlessly organized without having to worry about it? 

Bow Tie Security supports you with a wide range of services. From consultancy to end-to-end solutions with 24/7 monitoring and customized backing. We actively think along to make sure our help fits your needs.

Our references

Discover how we helped numerous customers with their security.

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IdentIT’s journey at Proximus started by migrating from a legacy solution that no longer met the expectations to a new, flexible, and modern IAM platform.


SecWise – AZ Mol

AZ Mol counts on SecWise to help monitor their external traffic and help upgrade their security maturity.

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